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eScorer boasts an impressive list of ground-breaking features which are sure to revolutionize the way your school keeps track of cricket matches.


eScorer utilities built-in capabilities of your cellphone to bring cricket matches live to the web.  While scoring a match the scorebook can be uploaded live to the web with the press of a button.  This means that parents can get live updates on their children's cricket matches from anywhere in the world.


eScorer will create professional scorebooks with incredibly detailed statistics.  The scorebook can be saved to your cellphone and printed from a home PC, or uploaded to the web.


eScorer boasts an intuitive interface which requires only one click per ball.  The simplicity of the scoring enables umpires to score every ball without distracting them from the match.


In match graphs and tables (including manhattan and worm) enable a detailed analysis of the match.


Try eScorer NOW...  Download the Demo from your cellphone at